What is Business Design About Anyway?

There is a lot of discussion about Business Design these days. Tech companies are leveraging it at staggering degrees. Agencies are adding Design as an approach to their capabilities. But what is Business Design? We find most organizations don’t really understand what it is and how it can help them.

What is Business Design?

Business Design is a human-centered approach to innovation. It applies the principles and practices of design to help organizations create new value and new forms of competitive advantage. At its core, Business Design is the integration of customer empathy, experience design and business strategy.

Framework Designed by Rotman, University of Toronto.

How can marketers use Business Design?

Understanding Customersinnovation begins with an unmet customer need. Customers often lack tools to articulate their own needs, and standard market research methodologies only scratch the surface. Students learn new tools for engaging deeply with customers and understanding them in new and meaningful ways. 

For example: The S.P.I.C.E. Framework is a useful tool to identify Social, Physical, Identity, Communication and Emotional needs.

Framework Designed by Rotman, University of Toronto.

Generating and Testing Ideas – turning unmet needs into innovation. This is about creating new ideas, getting customer feedback and doing rapid testing to get to a better solution. Marketers learn tools and techniques for ideation and prototyping.

For example: After ideating and choosing the best options to pursue, the team can build on concept using the P.O.E.M.S Framework


Framework Designed by Rotman, University of Toronto.

Connecting to Strategy – New ideas will fail to flourish if they aren’t backed by a sound strategy, including a clear set of choices of how the organization is going to win. Business Design helps organizations explore new possibilities in very tangible ways, and ultimately make better decisions that are customer-centric, holistic, collaborative and innovative.

Framework Designed by Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design Inc.

Companies who are successfully using Business Design

 The Benefits of Business Design


Human centric insights

Ideas connected to strategy

Speed to Market

Ideas that drive incrementality

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