What Do The 2018 SIAL Innovation Winners Have In Common?

We reviewed the top 2018 SIAL Innovation Grand Prize winners.

Pea Pops
Roasted green pea snack
INNOVATIVE QUALITIES: Technology, Manufacturing process, Marketing positioning, Merchandising

Kitchen & LOVE
Ready-To-Eat Vegan Meals
INNOVATIVE QUALITIES: Recipe, Ingredients, Packaging

Cricket based protein bars.

While they all won for their respective innovative qualities listed above, we noticed that one theme was common across all of them: protein.
In our Health & Wellness in Canada study, High in Protein was the second ranked (tied with Low/No Sugar) most important food & beverage product feature, with 65% of Canadians saying it was important to them for their health. This was consistent across genders, generations, and regions.
Below is a snapshot of the top 5 most important healthy food & beverage product features to Canadians:

Additionally, when asked about a variety of food and beverage trends, we found a high openness to a number of alternative protein sources.
Overall, 85% were open to consuming plant-based protein, 62% open to sea-based protein, and while trial of insect protein was low, 32% were still open to consuming insect protein.

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