Uncovering and Solving Gaps for Innovation

Pearl attended the Quirks research conference recently and here are our key takeaways.

Growing your Research Network

A lot of consolation on the supplier side, many large companies acquiring small companies, especially the non traditional types. The opportunity is to drive deeper relationships with your survey pool building on trust and transparency- that makes respondents more comfortable sharing information- better insights.

New Technology

Invest in new technology to evolve the research process. AI is a key tool to drive user engagement and value proposition. Predictable outcomes and connections between many data sets. AI can explore connections between consumer behaviour and attitudes that show gaps. It also has the ability to address fraudulent consumers faster and more effectively than legacy methods.


Trust and safety are important. Consumers need to trust that their personal data is secured and that their data will benefit them directly and that the data is used for a specific purpose.

When we focus on these three elements we will have a better outcome.


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Source: Quirks Conference, 2023

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