Pearl’s Top Picks from GIC 2019

Pearl attended the 2019 Grocery Innovations Canada Tradeshow in Toronto on Oct 22-23 to check out the new products entering the market and to understand food and beverage trends. Below are Pearl’s top innovation themes and product picks from this year’s show.

Wholesome. The word “wholesome” made an appearance in numerous ways as consumers continue to look for healthy snacks that feature a short ingredient list with recognizable, whole food ingredients. Rather than pushing numerous health claims on their packaging, these products focus on the word wholesome and their ingredient lists.

Pearl’s Top “Wholesome” Picks at GIC 2019:

Wholly Rollies

These all natural, frozen protein balls boast their 5-6 ingredient panel on the front of the pack, and emphasize being made of “wholesome ingredients for the whole family”.



These “whole veg” popped chips” feature whole vegetables like potatoes, carrots and peas – skins and all! They feature these 3 main ingredients on the front of their simplistic pack.



Top Picks for Caffeine

While coffee is still a popular item at the tradeshow with brands featuring new roasts, innovative ways to get your caffeine fix connected at GIC 2019! New products and formats offer consumers alternative ways to get their daily boost – whether it be in a more convenient format or whole new beverage category.


Tim Hortons Coffee Bars

These bars offered in Dark Roast, Double Double, and French Vanilla Cappuccino flavours contain caffeine in a portable stick. While they look like chocolate bars, they have a very coffee forward flavour and don’t actually contain any real chocolate.



Wake Water

This light and refreshing beverage is Canada’s first calorie & sweetener free caffeinated sparking water. It features 75mg of natural caffeine, which is about the same as an espresso shot from Starbucks.



Top Picks for Plant Based Alternatives

Plant based alternatives continue to be a huge trend across many categories and are now taking aim at not only those who have completely eliminated meat or dairy from their diets, but those who are just looking to reduce them.


The Plant YYZ

This Toronto based kitchen focuses on local and sustainable plant based food. They’ve created a line-up of sauces and pasta meal kits that are free from gluten, soy, and corn.


Elmhurst took their plant-based beverages a step further to cater to those looking to use plant-based milks in their coffee. They are made with simple ingredients and no oils to allow for a perfect foam when steamed or to blend perfectly as a creamer on its own.



Top Pick for Keto Treats

Products catering to consumers following the ketogenic diet continues to grow as we saw a number of keto-friendly treats this year to help crush sweet cravings.


Brooklyn Born Chocolate

Brooklyn Born Chocolates added a full line-up of Keto-Friendly chocolate bars to their offerings that are organic and sweetened with monk fruit.


Good To Go

Good to Go snack bars are Keto certified by the Paleo foundation and made with a base of almond flour. They’re also vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, kosher, and non-GMO project certified.



Top Pick for Snackable Cookie Dough

This tasty trend was so popular we counted at least 4 different companies offering edible cookie dough products. They offer consumers an indulgent and safe way to enjoy cookie dough by the spoonful.


Bliss Dough

Our favourite snackable cookie dough was Bliss Dough because of their wide flavour variety and vegan ready-to-eat cookie dough options.




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