Pearl’s Top 3 Consumer Trend Picks Relating to Health & Wellness

Euromonitor recently released their 2019 Global Consumer Trends Report. Below we will review our top 3 picks and integrate them with insights from our 2019 Health & Wellness in Canada study. You can download the 2019 Health & Wellness in Canada study here.

Growing Focus on Mental Well-being

In Euromonitor’s global study, over 60% of respondents included mental well-being in their definition of “being healthy”. Our 2019 Health & Wellness study showed growth in the importance of improving mental health as 80% of Canadians said improving their mental health was important to them- an 8ppt increase versus 2018. The importance of mental health was particularly strong among Millennials with 90% of them wanting to improve their mental health.



Additionally, getting enough sleep was also among the top definitions of “being healthy” from the Euromonitor study. Our Health & Wellness study showed 86% of Canadians want to improve their sleep –up 12ppt vs. 2018. In fact, 68% of Canadians said mattress/bedding are important products that contribute their health & wellness.

Lastly, stress and anxiety continues to be an issue for a large portion of the global population. In our Health & Wellness study 86% of Canadians said one of their top goals/priorities is to avoid/reduce stress, but only 63% said they are actively reducing/avoiding stress.



Euromonitor found that 40% of global consumers take green tea extract for mood and relaxation purposes. Our Health & Wellness study shows a large opportunity for cannabis products to play a role in this area as well. 25% of Canadians said using cannabis/CBD was an important action they take for their health – this is even higher among Millennials at 44%. Additionally, 48% of Canadians said they are interested in CBD infused foods & beverages.

Seeking a Balanced Diet

Euromonitor reported that consumers are focused more on balanced meals rather than diets, with an emphasis on low sugar, low carbs, reduced calories and high protein. This is reflected in our Health & Wellness study findings as well where over 50% of Canadians said they balance taste and health when choosing food, and almost 66% have not even tried a specific approach to eating/diet in the past 12 months.



Consumers are looking to fit healthier products into their diet without imposing strict dietary restrictions on themselves. In our Health & Wellness study only 6-9% of consumers said they followed diets like keto, vegetarian and Mediterranean. Increasing consumption of good ingredients and reducing the bad ones is a more popular approach. In fact, in our Health & Wellness study we found that 64% of Canadians are trying to avoid sugar. The Euromonitor study found that one of the key reasons consumers are looking to reduce sugar goes beyond weight loss/management. Consumers said they “felt better”, healthier when they reduce the amount of sugar in their diet.

Prevention Rather Than Treatment

The Euromonitor study linked the movement towards holistic health care and balanced lifestyles to preventing injury and illness. In our Health & Wellness study preventing injury/illness was among Canadians top goals & priorities with 86% saying it was important to them-up 11ppt versus 2018. Some of their actions/approaches to support this preventative focus were exercise, mental health, and diet.



Vitamins and supplements are an easy and convenient way for consumers to take action towards their health and wellness goals. In our Health & Wellness study 60% of Canadians say they take them. Euromonitor found that the top dietary vitamins and supplements consumed in North America are multivitamins, vitamin D and vitamin C


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Source: Pearl’s 2019 Health & Wellness In Canada Report and Euromonitor International 2019 Top Consumer Trends Impacting Health & Nutrition

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