Pearl’s Top 3 Picks November Lifestyle Trends

Trendhunter highlighted a number of interesting lifestyle trends for the month of November. We’ve matched our favourite picks with some of the Post Covid themes from our last blog.

1. Multi Functional Home Solutions

LeGanz ’FLEXELL’ helps amateur or advanced athletes train from the comfort of home or even outdoors with ease. Working out from home has become the norm for many consumers given the many months they’ve spent in their living space without access to gyms, so the LeGanz ‘FLEXELL’ is designed to help consumers pursue well being at home.

The unit looks and functions like a side table when not in use, but can be flipped upside-down when getting ready to train to reveal a durable set of bars that can be used for a range of exercises. The LeGanz ‘FLEXELL’ is capable of being used for more than 30 exercises yet hides in plain sight as a minimalist piece of furniture. ‘FLEXELL’ is a good example of the Post Covid theme – The Proliferation of Leisure.


2. Non Invasive Health Solutions

The Bright Health Foot Relief device is a non-invasive pain relief solution for those looking to manage their symptomatic experiences from the comfort of home. The system works by harnessing the power of infrared light therapy along with red LEDs to treat discomfort in the feet at the end of a long day. The unit helps to accelerate the healing process after an injury, will relax the muscles, repair tissues and more.

The unit is comfortable enough for everyday use, and has a sleek aesthetic, with technology that is simple to understand and use by consumers of all ages. The Bright Health Foot Relief device is a good example of the Post Covid theme – Science in the Pursuit of Answers.


3. Comfort Meets Luxury

Namacheko is a new winter sandal that is designed exactly as it is described by its namesake. The brand is preparing for the colder seasons of the year with the slip-on cozy design. As expected, it is set to join the brand’s ongoing Fall/Winter 2021 offerings and the premium footwear is made by hand.

Namacheko has thick lama fur as the lining details and is overlaid with tumbled calf leather on both sides of the shoe. It is made by Enzo Bonafè and has a padded footbed foundation that is detailed with another layer of soft fur. Co-branding details can be seen on a patch that reads Namacheko and Enzo Bonafè on the heel cup. The Namacheko winter sandal is a good example of the Post Covid theme – Luxury the Desire for Opulence.


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