Pearl Strategy’s Key Takeaways from the AMA CMO Event

Pearl attended the AMA Annual CMO Series event yesterday and here are our Top 5 Takeaways from the informative CMO panel discussion:

  1. Great marketers are great problem solvers

The most disruptive brands are obsessed with addressing customer needs and pain points. They leverage data and insights to define a relevant customer problem to solve.



  1. Customer trust is table stakes

Customer trust is earned by product/service performance and the customer experience. PwC identified privacy policy as a potential point of difference in gaining customer trust by telling customers how you will provide value to them if they give you their data.



  1. Engage customers with experiences, not campaigns

Building a customer experience along their path to purchase is multi-functional responsibility. At Kellogg Canada, marketing & sales collaborate to develop customer experience plans that are seamlessly integrated.



  1. Social movement marketing is not a one-off

Associating your brand with a social movement only makes sense if it is aligned with your brand values (e.g. Kellogg’s Breakfast Clubs) or ongoing brand programs (e.g. Scotiabank Women Initiative).



  1. Marketing investment and ROI remain under scrutiny

Demonstrating marketing ROI requires a clearly defined set of KPIs that are visible and drive action throughout the year. The CFO can be a valuable ally when attempting to secure marketing investment.



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Source: Pearl’s 2019 Health & Wellness In Canada Report and Euromonitor International 2019 Top Consumer Trends Impacting Health & Nutrition

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