Jobs To Be Done

“Job” is shorthand for what an individual really seeks to accomplish in a given circumstance. – HBR, September 2018, Christensen, Hall, Dillon and Duncan


Jobs to be done sits at the intersection of human needs, external forces and category consumption.

At Pearl, we will design a research activity guide with direct and projective techniques that will capture these three insight territories and enable us to connect the dots to define the jobs to be done.

What is building a Job? 4 things – Identify

  • Person – consumer or customer
  • Progress – the progress they want to make
  • Circumstances – what situation are they in
  • Obstacles – what do they need to overcome

Use Jobs to be done to overcome gaps in the market. Satisfy jobs with existing solutions and build importance of that job. Or identify marketing or product enhancements opportunities.

The steps

  • Hypothesis – review existing data
  • Discovery – trends, discover existing emotional and social triggers
  • Framework – strategic, map the emotions and needs/stories for growth opportunities
  • Solutions- ideate, co-creation and test with consumer

Research methods

  • In house or outside consultant
  • Can also use AI to go fast
  • Can use Quantitative research to valid size of prize

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