Innovation in Cannabis

There is some much innovation happening in the cannabis space right now. Here are a few of Pearl’s favourite picks.


Cannabis infused coffees are popping up in a wide variety of formats – from your traditional grounds, to K-cups, to ready to drink. One brand in particular, Therapy Tonics & Provisions, caught our attention. They sell Cannabis Infused coffee drinks, or what they call “Drinkable Therapy”, in California. Their current flavour line up offers a lot of variety with: Vanilla Caramel, Indian Spiced Chai Cannabis Latte, Coconut Matcha Cannabis Tea, Mexican Mocha Cannabis Milk, Semi-Sweet Cannabis Espresso, and Chamomile Mint Cannabis Luna Tea. Not only do their flavours differ, but also their THC and CBD contents to help consumers find one that’s right for their needs. The caffeine and cannabis mix is popular for its ability to increase alertness and creativity, however effects are dependent on the strains, dosage and consumer.



In the US it is not currently legal to offer products with both alcohol and cannabis, so wine makers have taken to removing the alcohol from their wines and replacing them with cannabis. Rebel Coast Winery is a leading, successful brand in the USA selling their fast acting THC infused wine. Cannabis infused wines offer the advantage of no hangover while promoting additional benefits like decreased anxiety, pain relief, promoting creativity and lower calorie content than traditional wine.



Similar to the wine category, it is not currently legal to offer products with both alcohol and cannabis in the US, so non-alcoholic beer is being infused with cannabis. Two Roots Brewing sold in California and Nevada offer beer drinkers “the best of craft and budz”. They offer 5 different style brews to appeal to craft beer drinkers. They boast no hangover, great taste without the after-effects, THC infusion for a quick and clean psychoactive high, and micro-dosing to aid relaxation, ease stress, and promote better sleep.

Skin Care

Sephora stores in the US have already on boarded a number of skin care products containing CBD from popular brands like Herbivore, Josie Maran, Lord Jones, and Farmacy. These products are non-psychoactive topical lotions and oils that moisturize and nourish your skin. Lord Jones’ High CBD Formula body oil claims to aid in workout recovery and offer soothing relief along with deep hydration.

DIY Kits

With edibles not being legal in Canada until the end of 2019, some companies have created innovative DIY kits as a means to workaround these regulations and get into market ahead of the game. British Colombia based Paracanna’s Zen Zingers Cannabis Gummy Candy Making Kit gives consumers almost everything they need to create edibles at home – they just need to add their own cannabis. Not only does this method adhere the law, but it also allows consumers to create their own preferred mixture of THC and CBD while controlling the dosage amounts.



What’s Next?

We expect to see cannabis products continue to expand into more categories, especially as further research is done on the benefits and effects of cannabinoids outside of THC and CBD. For example, AXIM Biotechnologies was granted a patent for toothpaste containing CBD and another cannabinoid called CBG to offer fast-acting anti-bacterial properties for the treatment of a variety of oral and dental health concerns. As more formats become legalized, we expect more mainstream retailers to open up to selling cannabis products that fit with their brand image – just like Sephora has done in the US.

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