Health & Wellness Packaged Foods Trends

We reviewed Euromonitor’s Top 3 Health & Wellness Packaged Food Trends and deep dived into three key areas:

Free from growth driven by healthy appetites

Free from has moved beyond intolerances to a broader health-conscious consumer. Free from foods have a growing perception of being healthier and more natural. These perceptions paired with the increased demand in meat-alternatives due to environmental and sustainable concerns, is driving growth of free from foods. Our 2019 Health & Wellness Study showed that the top free-from product attributes Canadians said are important were no added sugar (64%), low/no sugar (60%), and no additive (58%).

Implication: Explore free-from product opportunities to reach the broader health-conscious consumer.


Energy-boosting foods as part of a holistic diet

Consumers are moving towards adopting diets to help them remain energetic rather than for a means of weight management. Food has shifted into an energy-boosting role as consumers make the connection between energy levels and the foods they eat. In our 2019 Health & Wellness study 85% of Canadians said increasing energy is an important health & wellness goal/priority.

Implication: Consider new product opportunities that address consumers desire to be more energetic.

Health and wellness foods for a targeted subscription meal kit

Subscription meal boxes are a popular way for consumers to save time, but they are facing intense competition as they become more sophisticated and targeted towards health and wellness trends. There’s a massive opportunity for growth through innovation as some consumers are looking for only organic, dairy/gluten-free, or non-refined carbs. Our 2019 Health & Wellness study showed meal kit delivery is just emerging in Canada with only 14% saying it’s a service that’s important to their health & wellness.

Implication: Provide differentiation in the meal kit market by addressing consumers’ health & wellness needs.


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