Pearl’s Top Trend Picks and How They Relate to Health & Wellness

TrendHunter Report highlighted a number of themes that aligned with findings from our Health & Wellness in Canada Study. Below we will review our top 5 picks for Health & Wellness related trends and discuss their fit with the Canadian consumer. 1. Wellness Cocktails In our health & wellness study we found that 70% of Canadians are looking to balance health and taste. By pairing spirit [...]

Pearl’s Top 6 “Must Know” Flavour Trends

Mintel recently published a report on the Top Flavour Trends in Foodservice for 2018. We picked our favourites to share with you. 1. Modern Mediterranean Middle Eastern cuisine is on the rise as consumers are becoming more familiar with their key flavours and ingredients such as dates, pistachio, and mint. 2. Not Too Sweet Bakery and dessert items are increasingly being paired with savo [...]

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Pearl’s Top 3 Picks from the 2018 Global Trends Study

Recently Euromonitor published a report on the Top Global Consumer Trends for 2018. We picked our favourites to share with you along with some implications for marketers. 1. Clean Lifers A new breed of consumers, particularly 20-29 year olds, are focused on clean living. They strive for simplicity and minimalist lifestyles. This is a generation that have been somewhat “coddled” by their paren [...]

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Pearl’s Top Picks from Expo West 2018

Below are Pearl’s top themes and product picks from this year’s Natural Products Expo West Show which ran from March 7-11. 1. Dairy Free Meets Superfoods Dairy free alternatives continue to be popular but notice the trend to merge dairy free with superfood ingredients to bring the dairy aisle something quite different. Pearl's Top "Dairy Free Meets Superfoods" Picks at Expo West 2018: Mc [...]

Pearl’s Top 3 “Must Know” Flavour Forecast Trends

Pearl attended the McCormick's Flavour Forecast Presentation at the GIC show to learn about the top trends and ingredients shaping the future of flavour Below are Pearl’s Top Three "Must-Know" Trends. Click here to read the full report from McCormick. 1. Rise & Shine and Global Tastes Breakfast bowls of all varieties are on the rise. They allow consumers to combine a mix of tasty flavours a [...]

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Pearl’s Top Innovation Picks from GIC 2017

Pearl attended the 2017 Grocery Innovations Tradeshow in Toronto on October 23-24 to check out the  new products entering the market. Below are Pearl’s top innovation themes and product picks from this year’s show. 1. Gut Health A number of products focused on improving gut health were seen around the tradeshow floor including: Kombucha teas, Kefir dips and overnight oats, Prebiotic turmeri [...]

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