Wellness Pragmatists – Pearl’s Take on Mintel Trends

Pearl reviewed the recent Mintel Trends on Wellness Pragmatists. Here is our take. The overall picture and brands that are performing well. Overall Consumers and Customers are looking for solutions that provide physical and mental health benefits. They want products that work faster and integrate into their current routines. Using AI or Data collection can help consumers use real time smart too [...]

Mintel Global Trends – Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design’s Take

Pearl recently reviewed the Mintel Global Trends report and here are our insights. Overall After several years of change, COVID-19, economic instability, and political unrest many of us are uncertain of the future. There are 3 trends to be considered moving forward: 1)   Being Human In a world of technological revolution, we all need emotion to live our lives. While technology improves efficien [...]

Generative AI – Pearl Strategy’s Take on AI Technology

Pearl Strategy and Innovation recently reviewed the Euromonitor Trends Research and this is our prospective. About AI AI technology can improve efficiency, but more importantly, can improve our daily lives through personalization and consumer or customer experience. Chat CPT reached 100 million users within two months of launch. The fastest-growing consumer application in history. Consumers can [...]

Delightful Distractions

Pearl reviewed the recent trends from Mintel and here is our take. Overall Consumers want to take their mind off the everyday stressors, relief from the real world, and a break away from the mundane. They are looking for delightful distractions to uplift their emotions, feel good moments. Brands can play a role in this and find opportunities to find moments of connection. Moments of Goodness Th [...]

Mintel North America Trends – Pearl’s Perspective

Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design Inc. recently attended a webinar hosted by Mintel.  Here are our key insights. Overall Key Themes Creativity Entrepreneurship Sustainability Health These are the highlighted brands and themes : 1) Crayola Exploring kids creativity Leveraging colour Developing children’s self-expression A source of entertainment for kids and family 2) Pickle Renting out the l [...]

2024 Flavour and Colour Outlook – Pearl Insights

In the coming year, consumers will boldly embrace personalized flavours and colours, pushing traditional boundaries to explore new tastes and aesthetics. This will encourage innovation across all product categories, driven by the desire for sensory delight and diverse health options. Pearl reviewed the 2024 Flavour and Colour Outlook and summarized the top trends for you…   Trend 1:  Luxe [...]

Canadian Chain Restaurant Industry Review – Pearl Insights

Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design recently attended this conference. Below are some of the top insights and implications we are sharing with you to help you design your business growth.   Overall We are moving from a transactional relationship with consumers and customers. Key success factors are understanding the consumer and customer, understanding the competition, the economy, techno [...]

Building an Innovation Toolbox

Innovation is challenging, no question about it. It requires vision, process, best practices, a team, and most importantly, alignment with company strategy. The Path The Role of the Innovation Director or Chief Innovation Director Set the direction of the innovation strategy aligned with the strategy. Oversee initiatives within the organization. Ensure that the organization remains competitive [...]