Introduction to Design Sprints

You’ve heard about Design Sprints but you don’t actually know what they are and how to perform them. Find below an introduction to Design Sprints What is a Design Sprint? Design Sprints are a way to solve problems quickly, without having to build or launch a product or service. Originally created by Google Ventures  the Design Sprint framework is based on the principles of Design Thinking. The [...]

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Pearl Strategy’s Key Takeaways from the AMA CMO Event

Pearl attended the AMA Annual CMO Series event yesterday and here are our Top 5 Takeaways from the informative CMO panel discussion: Great marketers are great problem solvers The most disruptive brands are obsessed with addressing customer needs and pain points. They leverage data and insights to define a relevant customer problem to solve.     Customer trust is table stakes Customer [...]

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Pearl’s Top 3 Consumer Trend Picks Relating to Health & Wellness

Euromonitor recently released their 2019 Global Consumer Trends Report. Below we will review our top 3 picks and integrate them with insights from our 2019 Health & Wellness in Canada study. You can download the 2019 Health & Wellness in Canada study here. Growing Focus on Mental Well-being In Euromonitor’s global study, over 60% of respondents included mental well-being in their defini [...]

Adapting Your Innovation Strategy To The E-Commerce Reality

More and more shoppers are doing their purchasing both in-store and online channels and they are not mutually exclusive. Online food shopping, in particular, is still at the early stages in Canada, but definitely growing. Growth in technology is helping to move along adoption. Your organization needs to win online and in-store. Consider online as a way to “test and learn” before launching into [...]

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Increasing Clarity, Confidence and Commitment to Strategic Choices

Everyone knows strategy is important. But many feel uncomfortable making strategic decisions because it’s based on something unknown – the future. At Pearl, we use strategic frameworks to bring more clarity, confidence and commitment to strategic decisions. One of our favourite frameworks is the Business Matrix. This framework can be applied to a diverse range of strategy opportunity areas - Con [...]

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How to Become an Intrapreneur

There is lots of talk about entrepreneurship these days, yet what about intrapreneurship? There are lots of large organizations with legacy brands that are currently at a crossroads. Add value to your organization by using principles of entrepreneurialism and make a big impact inside your very own company. An intrapreneur is someone who has an entrepreneurial streak in his or her DNA, but choose [...]

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Strategy = Choices + Capabilities + Creativity

Whether you are a small emerging company or a large organization with legacy brands, building a strategy is imperative to keep your business moving forward. At Pearl we think of Strategy as Choices + Capabilities. + Creativity Strategic Framework Choices At the heart of strategic planning lies the ability to surface issues and opportunities and to make good strategic choices for your organi [...]

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