Introduction to Design Sprints

You’ve heard about Design Sprints but you don’t actually know what they are and how to perform them. Find below an introduction to Design Sprints What is a Design Sprint? Design Sprints are a way to solve problems quickly, without having to build or launch a product or service. Originally created by Google Ventures  the Design Sprint framework is based on the principles of Design Thinking. The [...]

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Pearl Strategy’s Key Takeaways from the AMA CMO Event

Pearl attended the AMA Annual CMO Series event yesterday and here are our Top 5 Takeaways from the informative CMO panel discussion: Great marketers are great problem solvers The most disruptive brands are obsessed with addressing customer needs and pain points. They leverage data and insights to define a relevant customer problem to solve.     Customer trust is table stakes Customer [...]

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Pearl’s Top 3 Consumer Trend Picks Relating to Health & Wellness

Euromonitor recently released their 2019 Global Consumer Trends Report. Below we will review our top 3 picks and integrate them with insights from our 2019 Health & Wellness in Canada study. You can download the 2019 Health & Wellness in Canada study here. Growing Focus on Mental Well-being In Euromonitor’s global study, over 60% of respondents included mental well-being in their defini [...]

Adapting Your Innovation Strategy To The E-Commerce Reality

More and more shoppers are doing their purchasing both in-store and online channels and they are not mutually exclusive. Online food shopping, in particular, is still at the early stages in Canada, but definitely growing. Growth in technology is helping to move along adoption. Your organization needs to win online and in-store. Consider online as a way to “test and learn” before launching into [...]

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KraftHeinz Lost its Way. Why?

It's time we got back to the business of building brands.   After hearing that KraftHeinz stock lost 28% of its value, let’s hope that we’re done with deep cost cutting as the primary driver of value creation. Let’s get back to the business of building brands with great ideas and innovation. It’s obvious, many companies and big brands are under siege as a result of changing consumer prefer [...]

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Picking a Lane on Innovation

Canadian consumers are more willing than ever to try innovation. And more than ever, innovation has become a key driver of growth for companies. But where do you start on your journey? Having the right inputs and stimuli are critical to “picking your lane” on innovation. Its starts with identifying the right opportunities that can propel your organization to growth.   What is an Opportunit [...]

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7 Steps to Creating a Great Customer Experience

Pearl attended the CMA Cx event in Toronto on May 8th that focused on how to optimize the customer experience. We’d like to share our key takeaways. Key Takeaways Make customer experience the accountability of everyone in the organization Share a single view of the customer Align customer experience strategy with brand strategy Build strong customer connections through front line experiences Balan [...]

What Do The 2018 SIAL Innovation Winners Have In Common?

We reviewed the top 2018 SIAL Innovation Grand Prize winners. Pea Pops Roasted green pea snack INNOVATIVE QUALITIES: Technology, Manufacturing process, Marketing positioning, Merchandising Kitchen & LOVE Ready-To-Eat Vegan Meals INNOVATIVE QUALITIES: Recipe, Ingredients, Packaging Crickstart Cricket based protein bars. INNOVATIVE QUALITIES: Recipe, Ingredients While they all won f [...]

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