Building a Successful Brand Strategy by Understanding Product Claims

Building a Successful Brand Strategy by Understanding Product Claims Consumers attitudes and behaviours are changing rapidly, much due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  More consumers are now shopping online, and with much more frequency, than prior to the pandemic. And they are using online data to access product benefits and attributes to make their brand choice. For brands to succeed, now more than [...]

Pearl’s Top 3 Picks November Lifestyle Trends

Trendhunter highlighted a number of interesting lifestyle trends for the month of November. We’ve matched our favourite picks with some of the Post Covid themes from our last blog. 1. Multi Functional Home Solutions LeGanz ’FLEXELL’ helps amateur or advanced athletes train from the comfort of home or even outdoors with ease. Working out from home has become the norm for many consumers given the [...]

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Pearl’s Picks – Top 3 Post Pandemic Trends

Trendhunter highlighted a number of interesting Post Pandemic Trends in a recent online conference- The Future Festival World Summit. Trendhunter noted that in past pandemics similar trends occurred, yet the context around the trend is different today. The most notable trends that result in a Post Pandemic era are: Money- Conflict with Extreme Wealth Class- Rise of the Middle Class Business- Au [...]

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Pearl’s Picks – Top 3 Consumer Trends for 2021

Euromonitor highlighted a number of interesting global consumer trends for 2021. Below we review our top 3 picks and provide examples of companies, products or services that are delivering well against these trends. 1. Build Better Back Consumers are demanding that companies care beyond revenues and profit. Protecting the health and interest of the greater world has become an expectation in par [...]

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The Next Normal of Organizations

McKinsey & Company predicted the “next normal” of organizations that will follow the COVID-19 crisis. Below is a summary of predictions that range from minor to drastic degrees of change:     Implications: Determine the appropriate degree of change required by your organization to successfully achieve its business challenge. Align your organization configuration to enable the idea [...]

The Next Normal for Consumers

The Next Normal of Consumer Behaviour McKinsey & Company predicted the “next normal” of consumer behaviours that will follow the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve summarized their top 10 predictions below: 1. Shifts in loyalty: baskets will evolve as consumers adapt to changes in availability, explore new health attributes, and try/retry brands. Implications: Promote health & wellness brands. Intr [...]

Planning For a Post COVID-19 World

As Canadians have met their survival needs and stocked up on essentials, they are now adapting to life at home – working, school, cooking, exercise and entertainment. Canadians are developing new rituals, habits and rewiring their behaviours, some of which will last beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, brands also need to adapt to survive. For brands to gain or retain an important role in t [...]

Innovating Through Chaos – Trend Hunter

“Companies that ‘think’ they are doing well are more likely to be disrupted” We attended Trend Hunter’s Innovating Through Chaos webinar and summarized their 6 patterns of opportunity, which can be used to adapt and innovate in this time of chaos. The following examples illustrate how businesses have innovated through the current COVID-19 crisis. Acceleration – taking a little idea or experienc [...]