CMA Insights – 5 Key Takeaways

Pearl attended the CMA Insights Morning Event yesterday. Today we are sharing with you some of our favourite insights.   1. Performance of an ad in a secondary market is mostly dependent on brand development and cultural variables. Never assume you can transfer an ad between Canada & the US without giving it a gut check. There are major differences when it comes to brand status, catego [...]

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KraftHeinz Lost its Way. Why?

It's time we got back to the business of building brands.   After hearing that KraftHeinz stock lost 28% of its value, let’s hope that we’re done with deep cost cutting as the primary driver of value creation. Let’s get back to the business of building brands with great ideas and innovation. It’s obvious, many companies and big brands are under siege as a result of changing consumer prefer [...]

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Picking a Lane on Innovation

Canadian consumers are more willing than ever to try innovation. And more than ever, innovation has become a key driver of growth for companies. But where do you start on your journey? Having the right inputs and stimuli are critical to “picking your lane” on innovation. Its starts with identifying the right opportunities that can propel your organization to growth.   What is an Opportunit [...]

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Pearl’s Top 5 Trend Picks 2019

Mintel’s Global Trend report highlighted a number of interesting global consumer trends. Below we will review our top 5 picks, provide examples of products or services that are delivering well to these trends and complimentary insights from work we’ve done at Pearl.   Total Wellbeing   Consumers continue to evolve in their definitions of health and wellness. They are looking for new a [...]

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Increasing Clarity, Confidence and Commitment to Strategic Choices

Everyone knows strategy is important. But many feel uncomfortable making strategic decisions because it’s based on something unknown – the future. At Pearl, we use strategic frameworks to bring more clarity, confidence and commitment to strategic decisions. One of our favourite frameworks is the Business Matrix. This framework can be applied to a diverse range of strategy opportunity areas - Con [...]

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Design Thinking Made Easy

Design Thinking, simply put, is a “human centered” methodology or approach to innovation. At its very core it is about developing empathy for the end user of a product or service so you understand them and designing a solution that will solve a problem. Anyone can do Design Thinking. Here is a 4 step process to get you started. Step 1: Explore This phase is all about getting to know your end [...]

Use Design Thinking and Solve Your Shopper Marketing Challenges

Increasingly, we are all coming to the realization that historical methods are becoming less effective at generating new possibilities for growth in this era of disruption. We frequently hear our client partners say “we want new approaches and techniques to solve our shopper marketing challenges.” At Pearl, Design Thinking has been an effective approach to driving successful business results [...]

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What We’re Reading This Summer

We recently attended Rotman School of Management’s Lifelong Learning Conference and left with a pile of books we can’t wait to dig into. Four titles set to challenge our creativity, expand our views on innovation and help us understand the opportunity technology provides us.   Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough  Innovators Who Changed the World  by [...]

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