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Innovation in Cannabis

There is some much innovation happening in the cannabis space right now. Here are a few of Pearl’s favourite picks. Coffee Cannabis infused coffees are popping up in a wide variety of formats – from your traditional grounds, to K-cups, to ready to drink. One brand in particular, Therapy Tonics & Provisions, caught our attention. They sell Cannabis Infused coffee drinks, or what they call “D [...]

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How To Prevent Your Expertise From Becoming A Weakness

You are a knowledgeable expert in your industry. You are an experienced leader with a track record of success. However, the value of your expertise will eventually depreciate. Why? Your role as a leader requires you to continuously deliver results. You must find incremental growth opportunities and productivity improvements to deliver results. Your actions are driven by performance and producti [...]

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From Commodity to Superfood – Lessons Learned from how Pulses made a Strategy Pivot

If you have been following the meteoric rise of Beyond Meat, you may have read the recent Financial Post article, Pulse of the nation: How Beyond Meat could turn this humble pea into Canada’s new gold. What you may not know is the backstory of how the Pulse industry positioned itself to become a key ingredient in Beyond Meat’s mission to create The Future of Protein® In 2012, Pulse Canada ap [...]

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Introduction to Design Sprints

You’ve heard about Design Sprints but you don’t actually know what they are and how to perform them. Find below an introduction to Design Sprints What is a Design Sprint? Design Sprints are a way to solve problems quickly, without having to build or launch a product or service. Originally created by Google Ventures  the Design Sprint framework is based on the principles of Design Thinking. The [...]

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Pearl Strategy’s Key Takeaways from the AMA CMO Event

Pearl attended the AMA Annual CMO Series event yesterday and here are our Top 5 Takeaways from the informative CMO panel discussion: Great marketers are great problem solvers The most disruptive brands are obsessed with addressing customer needs and pain points. They leverage data and insights to define a relevant customer problem to solve.     Customer trust is table stakes Customer [...]

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Pearl’s Top 3 Consumer Trend Picks Relating to Health & Wellness

Euromonitor recently released their 2019 Global Consumer Trends Report. Below we will review our top 3 picks and integrate them with insights from our 2019 Health & Wellness in Canada study. You can download the 2019 Health & Wellness in Canada study here. Growing Focus on Mental Well-being In Euromonitor’s global study, over 60% of respondents included mental well-being in their defini [...]

2019 Health and Wellness Study

In Canada, health & wellness continues to evolve, creating new demand for healthy products and services in food, beverages and OTC products. To find opportunities in the health and wellness space, we surveyed 1,000 Canadian adults, with representation across ages, genders and provinces, in English and French Canada, to understand their health & wellness behaviours and attitudes. Downloa [...]

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National Cannabis Study Q1 2019 StatsCan Survey

The cannabis space is heating up and growing in Canada. To keep you informed on how the cannabis market is evolving, we summarized some key insights from the Q1 2019 StatsCan survey. If you're playing to win in cannabis, contact Susan Weaver at Sign up for the infographic below: * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name [...]

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