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New Innovation Ideas

Pearl recently attended the Fast Company Innovation Festival. Here are the insights. Health and Taste Happy Candy – a brand naturally flavoured. Low calories, plant based, fiber and low sugar. Tastes great. Protein and Energy BTR Nation - energy bars with plant protein, zero added sugar, and real ingredients. Energy is especially important for kids who are working out. Salty snacks - healthy Ca [...]

Eco and Sustainability Insights

Trend hunter presented some interesting insights about Eco and Sustainability. Pearl is capturing the insights here. In Store Recycling Brands particularly in the cosmetics industry prioritizing recycling Consumers are increasingly becoming more conscious of climate crisis and waste Sustainable Subscriptions Brands are curating lifestyle boxes that are eco friendly but more sustainable Sustaina [...]

4 Facts About Gen Z Consumers & the Opportunities They Present for Brands

Mintel presented some interesting insights about GEN Z. Pearl is capturing the key insights here. Overall Brought up in an era of technological change has had a big impact on attitudes and behaviour. Coming of age, social media, has magnified the social, economic and political changes of our time. 4 FACTS ABOUT GEN Z Dissatisfaction with the Present Some dissatisfaction with the impact of COVID [...]

Uncovering and Solving Gaps for Innovation

Pearl attended the Quirks research conference recently and here are our key takeaways. Growing your Research Network A lot of consolation on the supplier side, many large companies acquiring small companies, especially the non traditional types. The opportunity is to drive deeper relationships with your survey pool building on trust and transparency- that makes respondents more comfortable shar [...]

Jobs To Be Done

“Job” is shorthand for what an individual really seeks to accomplish in a given circumstance. - HBR, September 2018, Christensen, Hall, Dillon and Duncan   Jobs to be done sits at the intersection of human needs, external forces and category consumption. At Pearl, we will design a research activity guide with direct and projective techniques that will capture these three insight territorie [...]

Pearl’s Takeaways – New Era of Consumerism

Pearl’s Takeaways - New Era of Consumerism Euromonitor, in a recent seminar, highlighted a number of interesting emerging areas of growth, and changing demographics that represent opportunities for organizations. Below you will find a summary of the opportunity areas and examples of products/services that are targeting these areas. Seniors or Ageing Population Many countries are facing an agein [...]

Building a Successful Brand Strategy by Understanding Product Claims

Building a Successful Brand Strategy by Understanding Product Claims Consumers attitudes and behaviours are changing rapidly, much due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  More consumers are now shopping online, and with much more frequency, than prior to the pandemic. And they are using online data to access product benefits and attributes to make their brand choice. For brands to succeed, now more than [...]

Pearl’s Top 3 Picks November Lifestyle Trends

Trendhunter highlighted a number of interesting lifestyle trends for the month of November. We’ve matched our favourite picks with some of the Post Covid themes from our last blog. 1. Multi Functional Home Solutions LeGanz ’FLEXELL’ helps amateur or advanced athletes train from the comfort of home or even outdoors with ease. Working out from home has become the norm for many consumers given the [...]

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