4 Facts About Gen Z Consumers & the Opportunities They Present for Brands

Mintel presented some interesting insights about GEN Z. Pearl is capturing the key insights here.


Brought up in an era of technological change has had a big impact on attitudes and behaviour. Coming of age, social media, has magnified the social, economic and political changes of our time.


Dissatisfaction with the Present

  • Some dissatisfaction with the impact of COVID, missing out -54% agree with this statement
  • Many think their life is not where it should be
  • Overall disappointment with their lives – 64% agree with this statement


  • Acknowledge disappointment and encourage sense of resilience to build a better future

Seeking a responsible financial future

  • Desire for an aptitude for saving money
  • Parents have contributed to their skills and desire for this
  • Uncertain economics creating some ambiguity for this target


  • Tap into need for financial security, provide facts that help their anxiety about the economy

Mental health is a top priority

  • Taking care of mental health and reducing anxiety a top concern -42% agree with this statement
  • Openness to talking about mental health and well being
  • Self care focus


  • Focus on creating a lower stress level, product or service options that can deliver

Standing out but with limitations

  • Gen Z rebelling against the real world and limitations from COVID
  • Gen Z want to stand out – 60% agree with this statement


  • Provide service or products that help them stand out


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Source: Mintel, US Marketing, Gen Z 2023

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