2019 Canadians’ Perspectives on Health & Wellness – Part 3

In Canada, health & wellness continues to evolve, creating new demand for healthy products and services in food, beverages and OTC. To find opportunities in the health and wellness space, we surveyed 1,000 Canadian adults, with representation across ages, genders and provinces, in English and French Canada, to understand their health & wellness behaviours and attitudes.

This is the 3rd and final instalment of a 3 Part blog series that provides an introduction to our Health & Wellness in Canada study. We hope that you’ll find some insight that will lead to growth opportunities for your business.

1. The role of technology in health & wellness is still primarily for finding information. Millennials are leading the way in terms of technology integrated solutions for health & wellness.

Canadians use technology in a variety of ways to support their health & wellness needs. Finding recipes and online searches were the top 2 ways technology is used.

Some of the note-able differences between gender and age segments related to technology use include:

  • Females rated Finding recipes and Online searches significantly higher than males.
  • Gen X rated using tech for Finding recipes lower than other cohorts
  • Millennials rated using Trackers (Fitness, Sleep, Food, Health, Motivation) significantly higher. Millennials also rated shopping on line for health and wellness products and services higher than any other cohort

What does this mean for marketers?

To help Canadians on their health & wellness journey, make sure they can find your brand online. Also, look for opportunities to integrate products and services with consumers existing technology platforms (e.g. apps, trackers), or provide tech-centric solutions.

2. To be noticed in the health & wellness space, there is a need to have a strong online presence. Be accessible to Canadians through their preferred methods – both online and offline.


Canadians use a variety of both online and offline methods to access health & wellness information. Online Search Engines was the dominant choice, with Doctors and Pharmacist information in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Social media was also a popular destination, with one third saying that they frequently/always use YouTube and Facebook.

Some of the note-able differences between segments include:

  • Millennials rated Online search and all Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest) higher than other age segments.
  • Millennials also rated Retailer websites higher and Doctors/Pharmacists lower
  • Boomers rated Online search and all Social media platforms lower

What does this mean for marketers?

Understand where your target customers are searching for health & wellness information and meet them in their comfort zone, when they are most receptive to health and wellness messages and discussion.

3. To be relevant in the health and wellness space there is a need to understand the trends or approaches Canadians are following. Offer advice, services or product solutions that will allow them to be successful while experimenting with these new approaches.

Canadians are using a number of different approaches to eating healthy and diets. Over one third of Canadians said they have tried a specific approach to eating or diet in the past 12 months. The top 3 approaches are: Intermittent Fasting, Vegetarian Diet and the Mediterranean Diet.

Some of the note-able differences between segments include:

  • Boomers and Males  had the lowest level of agreement that they were trying new approaches or diets, while Millennials had the highest level of agreement
  • Millennials had the highest level of agreement to using Vegetarian and Juicing approaches

What does this mean for marketers?

Understand what types of healthy eating or dieting approaches your target customers are interested in and find relevant ways to communication or provide solutions for them.


Do you want to win in the Health & Wellness space?  Lets talk. For more details on our Health & Wellness in Canada study, contact Susan at: susanweaver@pearl-strategy.ca

Source: Pearl Health & Wellness Quantitative Online Survey, December 2018


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