Pearl’s Top 3 “Must Know” Flavour Forecast Trends

Pearl’s Top 3 “Must Know” Flavour Forecast Trends

Pearl attended the McCormick’s Flavour Forecast Presentation at the GIC show to learn about the top trends and ingredients shaping the future of flavour

Below are Pearl’s Top Three “Must-Know” Trends. Click here to read the full report from McCormick.

1. Rise & Shine and Global Tastes

Breakfast bowls of all varieties are on the rise. They allow consumers to combine a mix of tasty flavours and nourishing ingredients for a satisfying breakfast. The expanding pallet for global flavours will push consumers to explore all the opportunities breakfast bowls can offer.


Explore the sweeter side of congee with the addition of spices, fresh fruit, and juices.

Pair plant-based milk and aromatic spices with Sorghum grains as the new grown-up cereal and milk.

2. Egg Yolks

Egg yolks move out of breakfast and explore new innovative ways they can venture into lunch and dinner. They are highly nutritious with their high levels of protein and numerous essential amino acids, vitamins, and mineral. Egg yolks have a mild, buttery flavour that easily takes on the taste of other ingredients.


Cured egg yolks packed in spices and brine can offer an incredible umami taste.

Top a broth bowl off with a fried or poached egg to add an extra layer of comfort and indulgence.

A classic and always popular taste that highlights the real smooth butteriness of the yolk be placing it on top of a nest of carbonara.

3. Sweet On Pepper

The king of spice is being rediscovered as people shift from wanting simple heat, to searching for multidimensional flavour with complexity. Pepper offers a tongue-tingling bite that can be softened by naturally sweet ingredients such as exotic fruits and root vegetables.

Peppercorn Varieties: green, pink/rose, white, red, black, and Szechwan.

Sources of Sweetness: Dragon fruit, jackfruit, ube, honey, piloncillo, sorghum syrup

Recipe Examples: Dragon Fruit and Strawberry Poke with Pepper Syrup, Pulled Jackfruit Tacos

Click here to read the full Flavour Forecast from McCormick 

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